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WHY EPIXELS courses?

  • Instructor-led, participant-centered training
  • Real world, hands-on instruction from industry experts
  • Personal, over-the-shoulder guidance from industry pros
  • Small class sizes for more individual attention
  • Access to computers and peripherals
  • Training on the latest software versions (for most courses)
  • Carefully-designed, structured exercises
  • Discounts at participating establishments


How To Choose a Course?
Courses are divided into three levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you’re not sure what level, or what specific course, is right for you, please get in touch with us.

At the end of workshop, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance. At the end of a hands-on workshop, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement.

Client-site Training
We offer client-site training. However, our courses are most effective when held away from the distractions of the workplace. By attending courses at our facility, you and your staff can focus on your training in a complete, distraction-free environment.

Books and videos are cheaper. Why should I invest in instructor-led training?
Books and training videos are fine learning aids, but offer only one-way communication. An instructor-led courses give you immediate and specific feedback, so you save a lot of valuable time and effort.

Instructor Replacement
On rare occasions, a listed instructor is unable to teach a class due to an unscheduled professional assignment. If this happens, we will replace the instructor with someone of equivalent credentials. In the event we cannot secure a substitute, the class can be rescheduled or cancelled.

No Recording – Audio or video recording of seminars and workshops is not permitted.

No Smoking Policy
Smoking is stricly prohibited during classes.

For participants from out of town or from overseas, we can email you a list of nearby hotels, but you will have to make your own bookings.

One-to-one Training
We offer one-to-one training. But it does cost more (2 to 3 times more than our regular course fees). Contact us for a quote.

How old does my teen have to be before enrolling in the program?

We have had kids as young as 10 enroll in our sessions. Pix4kidz is a well developed media creation programs specific to kids and teens. We recommend students be 10 years or older for our kids and teens session. If they are younger, you can always consider private lessons as an option.