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STROBIST 101 – Play with light!


Strobist 101 is designed to empower photographers to effectively use the portable flash available at his disposal to create images that rival studio setup.Learn how to use light to capture awesome magazine quality images without the needs to lug heavy & expensive equipments BUT through creative use of small flashes to produce stellar results. That’s the main point of Strobist.

Studio Photography


Baffled or itimidated by studio lights ? You are definitely not alone.
Why lock yourself out of a vast world of creative possibilities by avoiding studio lights.

Lighting is the key to photography, and studio lighting allows you unlimited creative control over it, opening up doors to portrait, fashion, product and advertising, still life, architectural, and conceptual photography.

This introductory studio course aims to break down the mechanics of studio lighting & develop a firm foundation in practical lighting applications. We will take the fright out of light!

Real Estate Photography


In today’s visually-oriented real estate market, your real estate photos are the foundation of your marketing plan and all other advertising.

Great photographs sell. This workshop will empower you with the skill of capturing quality, dynamic, creative and emotive shots by using the right tools and applying the right techniques.

For travellers and lovers of fine architecture, you gain the skills to bring back evocative, memorable images of places you have stayed or visited.

Events Photography


For such an often-held, well-organized, synchronized event, can turn out splendidly well or spin out of control in the hands of the well prepared or unprepared photographer.

The fact is, there are great happenings & there are great stories to be told through pictures ! Are you able to seize the moments & make good history?

This workshop will empower you with useful tips & know hows to capture good photos or lighting. Learn various shooting modes, camera settings , choice of lens, as well as the art of creative framing to get break-taking photos.

Portraits Photography

It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are. – Paul Caponigro

The mark of a good portrait photographer is the ability to consistently produce high quality images by gaining control of light is a combination of experience, expertise, instinct and a connection with your subject to bring your portrait-taking to the next level.

Desiring to shoot dynamic portraits of family, friends and the general public for fun or profit,
This workshop will extensively cover the science & art of achieving soulful portraits.

Point & Shoot Like a Pro ( Basics )


Proudly owned a compact digital camera and wish to squeeze the most out of it without dealing with technobabble or browsing a 200-page operating manual in utter frustration ?

This enlightening workshop is suitable for those who intends to graduate to “serious” photography but needs to start somewhere, gently.

This workshop will cover the functions and features as well as settings for great photos, in every lighting conditions and occasion. Learn the art of photography for awesome composition. Gain insight of what “makes or breaks” a great photo.

SNAP like a Pro for D-SLR ( Basics )


Photography is about making pictures, not just taking them.

Learn how to use your DSLR camera to take your images beyond the casual snapshot!

This workshop will help you understand the power locked into your DSLR. Discover what all the features and functions actually do and when it is best to use them.  After all, the manufacturers have spent decades getting these features spot on…why waste all that effort by staying in Auto Mode?

This course will engage students in the fundamentals of photography ; camera handling, principles of photography and appreciation of the craft. Develop your photographic eye through insightful sharing; practical assignments and critiques.

Recommended for those looking to explore photography beyond the point and shoot level.



Take a look around you. Pick up a newspaper, surf the internet, turn on your TV or radio, digital media is everywhere !

As digital technology advances & becomes the new economy, there is definitely a growing need for digital smart generation & empower them be a prolific content creator than consumer.

Pix4Kidz programs will provide a good head start to be digital smart. The program will stimulate your child’s imagination; promote innovation and enhance communication skills with appropriate use of media tools and technologies.

A handy living skill that will last them a lifetime and beyond.

Canon EOS & You ( Snapshot to Great Shot )


Whether you’ve just gotten a new CANON EOS digital SLR or have owned one for a while and have questions about it !

Check out CANON EOS & You (Snapshot to great shot workshop). Let us guide you through the controls ; features and menus of CANON EOS.

We will further shed light on exposure & colour control as well as live demo on processing RAW & Jpegs using CANON free & powerful photo editing softwares.


Travel Photography


Heading for your next holiday or visiting new destinations? Wish to bring back iconic & memorable photographs of friends, scnenries, family members or yourself for life time memories?

This workshop is a very good ‘all rounder’ course for beginners to intermediate level photographers who wish to learn real life shooting skills to the next level.

Arming yourself with photography & storey telling skill is the name of the game. Adapting your shooting style to suit varying conditions of a region or event is most satisfying when awesome photographs are captured.

Every course participant gets custom tailored advice on their gear, what / where to buy, destination shooting tips, knowledge on cameras, lens & accessories.

Liberate your photography !