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Video Like A Pro with DV Camcorder




This course is aimed toward beginning video users without prior formal training in video production.

Participants will be introduced to basic cinematic principles in order to shoot and edit effective videos that avoid the earmarks of “home” movies—shaky camera, indecisive camera moves, improper composition, under- or over-exposed images, a lack of continuity and poor sound or color.

Hosted by a media expert, learn great tips and tricks of the trade to turn their raw footage into an epic worth watching.

What you will learn / Course Objective

  • Understanding videocamcorder
  • Video format & resolution understanding
  • Videocam functions & features
  • Videocam settings & controls
  • Exposure and colour Contro
  • Histogram & vectoscope understanding
  • Art of framing & story telling.
  • Lightings / 3 points lighting technique
  • Audio recording – microphone selection, settings & technique.

What you need / Requirement

What to bring ?
Videocamcorder ( analogue or digital )

Come as you are: No prior knowledge or experience with photography or cameras.

Who will benefit

Ideal for beginners or intermediate

Workshop duration

8 hours - either 4 sessions or one day workshop

Price per head

NZD 360 inclusive of GST

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