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SNAP like a Pro for D-SLR ( Basics )




Photography is about making pictures, not just taking them.

Learn how to use your DSLR camera to take your images beyond the casual snapshot!

This workshop will help you understand the power locked into your DSLR. Discover what all the features and functions actually do and when it is best to use them.  After all, the manufacturers have spent decades getting these features spot on…why waste all that effort by staying in Auto Mode?

This course will engage students in the fundamentals of photography ; camera handling, principles of photography and appreciation of the craft. Develop your photographic eye through insightful sharing; practical assignments and critiques.

Recommended for those looking to explore photography beyond the point and shoot level.

What you will learn / Course Objective

  • Understanding photography
  • Camera functions & features
  • Camera settings & controls
  • Digital formats / resolutions
  • Exposure and colour Control
  • Histogram understanding
  • Low light or natural light photography
  • Understanding macro modes
  • In built flash photography
  • Art of Photgraphy – framing & composition

What you need / Requirement

What to bring ?
D-SLR Camera with lenses.

Come as you are: No prior knowledge or experience with photography or cameras.

Who will benefit

Ideal for beginners or intermediate

Workshop duration

8 hours - either 4 sessions or one day workshop

Price per head

Limited Time offer at NZD 200

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