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Real Estate Photography




In today’s visually-oriented real estate market, your real estate photos are the foundation of your marketing plan and all other advertising.

Great photographs sell. This workshop will empower you with the skill of capturing quality, dynamic, creative and emotive shots by using the right tools and applying the right techniques.

For travellers and lovers of fine architecture, you gain the skills to bring back evocative, memorable images of places you have stayed or visited.

What you will learn / Course Objective

  • Overview of your camera functions & settings
  • Lens of choice.
  • Explore various style of photography ( Editorial )
  • Seeing light / creative composition
  • Panaromic photography / understand aspect ratio
  • Lens and linear perspective / depth of field
  • Flash & natural light approach.

What you need / Requirement

What to bring ?
A point-and-shoot or D-SLR camera.

Student with photography foundation and a camera controls. Preferably have
completed our foundation photography workshop.

Who will benefit

Ideal for beginners or intermediate

Workshop duration

8 hours - either 4 sessions or one day workshop

Price per head

NZD 360 inclusive of GST

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