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Point & Shoot Like a Pro ( Basics )




Proudly owned a compact digital camera and wish to squeeze the most out of it without dealing with technobabble or browsing a 200-page operating manual in utter frustration ?

This enlightening workshop is suitable for those who intends to graduate to “serious” photography but needs to start somewhere, gently.

This workshop will cover the functions and features as well as settings for great photos, in every lighting conditions and occasion. Learn the art of photography for awesome composition. Gain insight of what “makes or breaks” a great photo.

What you will learn / Course Objective

  • Camera functions & features
  • Camera settings & controls
  • Digital formats / resolutions
  • Exposure and colour Contro
  • Histogram understanding
  • Low light or natural light photography
  • Understanding macro modes
  • In built flash photography
  • Art of Photgraphy – framing & composition

What you need / Requirement

What to bring ?
A point-and-shoot camera

Come as you are: No prior knowledge or experience with photography or cameras.

Who will benefit

Ideal for beginners & hobbyist.

Workshop duration

8 hours - either 4 sessions or one day workshop

Price per head

Limited Time offer at NZD150 - Normal Price: NZD 300

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