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Take a look around you. Pick up a newspaper, surf the internet, turn on your TV or radio, digital media is everywhere !

As digital technology advances & becomes the new economy, there is definitely a growing need for digital smart generation & empower them be a prolific content creator than consumer.

Pix4Kidz programs will provide a good head start to be digital smart. The program will stimulate your child’s imagination; promote innovation and enhance communication skills with appropriate use of media tools and technologies.

A handy living skill that will last them a lifetime and beyond.

What you will learn / Course Objective

What you need / Requirement

Imaging equipments will be provided by the centre. However, student must be responsible for proper usage of equipments.

You are encouraged to bring your own camera if you wish to master your own tools.

Who will benefit

Suitable Age 8 -12

Workshop duration

1.30 hours per session ( Total 4 lessons per module )

Price per head

NZD 280 ( inclusive of GST)

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