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Events Photography




For such an often-held, well-organized, synchronized event, can turn out splendidly well or spin out of control in the hands of the well prepared or unprepared photographer.

The fact is, there are great happenings & there are great stories to be told through pictures ! Are you able to seize the moments & make good history?

This workshop will empower you with useful tips & know hows to capture good photos or lighting. Learn various shooting modes, camera settings , choice of lens, as well as the art of creative framing to get break-taking photos.

What you will learn / Course Objective

  • Understanding photography
  • Camera functions & features
  • Camera settings & controls
  • Exposure and colour Contro
  • Histogram understanding
  • Low light or natural light photography
  • Lens choice
  • In built flash photography
  • Art of Photgraphy – framing & composition

What you need / Requirement

What to bring ?
D-SLR & lenses camera.

Come as you are: No prior knowledge or experience with photography or cameras.

Who will benefit

Ideal for beginners or intermediate

Workshop duration

8 hours - either 4 sessions or one day workshop

Price per head

: NZD 350 inclusive of GST

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