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How to prepare for photography workshop and get maximum benefits

Photography is an art and art is a personal expression. To nurture & grow, we must be encouraged and well fostered. Making a decision to attend photography workshop is great BUT how does one make the most of it ?

There are several things we can do before hand and during the workshop to maximise the learning experience.

Do your homework and know your workshop well before signing up

Lot of folks come into a workshop completely unprepared. They signed up for the workshop but they haven’t really done any homework to see what it is really about or prepare themselves to digest the information.
(Example: a new beginner registering for advanced workshop which required a certain level of skill sets)
Other factors to consider : COURSE content (topics) ; course duration ; course tutors / facilitator.

Choose your photography workshop based on the instructor(s) rather than the location, cost, topic, or agenda.

It is always the instructor’s wisdom, teaching skill and abilities that make or break the success of a workshop. Its not the photographer’s WORK that should solely determine your choice. Just because one can make a good photograph does not mean they can TEACH. Far too often, workshop attendees are disappointed by a photographer whose work they admire but whose teaching skills make a workshop a disaster.

Some Practical Steps:

  1. Seek a chance to talk to the instructor – Can he / she inspire or guide you to greater levels
  2. Attitude of the tutor
  3. Talk with others who have attended the workshops
  4. Workshop reviews / ratings by others.

Gears preparations for the workshop

A good rule of thumb is to bring as much gear as you can. The real nightmare is having it but not able to use it. Don’t forget to check that ALL your gear is in good working order. You certainly wouldn’t want to find out you ran out of memory cards or a battery failure in the middle of a session (OR) brought your camera body without the lens.

Prepare yourself for the photography workshop (Body & Mind)

A photography workshop is exciting – and they can also be very exhausting so I highly recommend getting plenty of rest before you start a workshop and making sure you are healthy. Experiences like workshops will always be more productive if you have goals. So it’s a good idea to think about what you’d like to get out of the workshop & tune yourself to receive. Bring your enthusiasm to the workshop . leave the pressures of your every-day life behind and immerse yourself in what we all love. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment will add to the group dynamics and enrich your experience.

Ask Questions during the photography workshop

If you find yourself uncertain about something, ask questions. The instructor is there to make sure you get all your questions answered. Don’t find yourself in the position of heading home and thinking, “I wish I had asked that.”

In life, we learn more from failures than you do from successes. Be willing to take risks and push yourself.
If you don’t, then you won’t get the most out of life.

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