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Welcome to Epixels New Zealand – A digital media hub with a goal to empower a digital smart generation.

Whether you’re new to photography or videography, a keen enthusiast or a professional, check out our comprehensive year-round source of experiential learning programs, built on sound foundations with “hands on” opportunities to broaden your content creation skill and culture.

If you haven’t heard of us yet, here is a brief summary of what we are about:


We understand the importance of practical and hands-on workshops.  We can sit and lecture in a classroom until the cows come home, but from our experience the students learn best when we let them take their camera out for a spin!  This is what we specialize in: making our classes as interactive as possible.


We know that sitting in classes with 50 other people can be somewhat overwhelming.  This is why our classes are limited to as many students that we can count on our hands. Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions throughout all classes and field trips. We find that this allows us to ensure that every individual in the class has understood the concepts and can apply their new skills when they leave our class.


We put a lot of focus on building a community with our students and encouraging them to get involved even after the classes are done. Photography contests, semi-annual exhibits, and social gatherings are just some of the many initiatives we have introduced to keep you shooting! Take the class and participation in these events is FREE!

Once a year, Epixels holds an 8 week competition for all students. At the end of the competition, the finalists have their work exhibited in the studio, while friends and family are invited to come see their work and enjoy wine, cheese and good fun!


We have instructors that are not only good at photography but are also good at teaching!  We learned early on that the two do not necessarily go hand in hand.  All of our instructors consistently get 5 star reviews.  They all believe in a practical and hands-on approach when teaching, all while making the classes fun and interactive.

If you have read enough and you are sold, then go ahead to our courses page and check out our offer:

Welcome to the fascinating world of image creation…

Life is calling… Keep learning ; sharing and be constantly inspired.